First appearing on the Northeast Ohio music scene in late 2011, Face Value drew immediate attention, due to the impressive line-up of seasoned musicians. The group quickly established the reputation as a band with unusual depth instrumentally, vocally and professionally.

By the summer of 2012, Face Value had become a formidable 4 piece, recognized for their ability to creatively cover songs that would usually require at least six musicians.

Although their backgrounds may appear to be vastly different, these seasoned artists have crossed, and even shared paths in years past. Now, with more than 5 years of actively rehearsing, performing and building their repertoire, the members of Face Value invite you to join them on a musical journey through the decades, revisiting memories and exploring familiar territory with a fresh new prospective.

Featuring Don Perry on Sax, Rich Branham on guitar, Greg Pudder on bass and Pete LeMay on drums, each member of the group brings strong vocal capabilities to table, as well as instrumental versatility, creating a variety of lead vocal styles, often accompanied by 3 and 4 part harmonies.

The result is a mature, inviting, energetic song list, comprised of classic and contemporary rock favorites from the 70’s through the 90’s. Please visit our “gigs” page to see where we can be found, then stop in, enjoy the music and join us in an “All Drink”

Most widely known for his achievements as a songwriter and saxman, Don Perry now demonstrates his abilities as a lead vocalist as well, with an impressive array of range and textures.

Building upon a background comprised largely of blues and classic rock, bassist Greg Pudder boldly ventures into new territory and conquers new ground both instrumentally and vocally.

A lifelong instructor and performer, guitarist Rich Branham had long been associated with country music. He now aggressively applies his knowledge and versatility to the musical style that first attracted him to the guitar.

Powerful chops and rock solid timing were first developed by drummer Pete LeMay while playing heavy metal. These attributes, combined with finesse and discipline, form the foundation upon which Face Value builds their infectious grooves.